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Glass Ladder & Co.

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Skills and deliverables

Ecommerce • Klaviyo • Shopify • Website Migration • Web Design • User Interface (UI) Design • User Experience (UX) Design • Customer Experience (CX) Design • Web Development


Glass Ladder & Co. is a boutique fashion brand that specializes in women’s bags and accessories made from vegan leather. They had a limited info website in Squarespace with no ecommerce functionality. The owners had just secured a partnership with Causebox in which the founder would be featured in an upcoming seasonal box along with the exclusive release of a new bag.

Needless to say, the owners wanted to be ready with an online presence befitting the brand as well as ecommerce functionality to take advantage of the increased attention and traffic that would follow. Along with the new website, the owners wanted a new brand aesthetic including a logo they could use on their products moving forward.

From the founder of Glass Ladder & Co.:

”We were about to experience MAJOR traffic and attention from this partnership and we believed that with new branding and a killer website, we would be able to maximize our impact received from this partnership... and we were right!” – Megan Larsen, Glass Ladder & Co.

Leading a team at a former agency, we met with the owners over the course of several planning and strategy meetings to become acquainted with the brand and to develop a solid understanding of the client’s goals and desires. Our lead designers then built a design system complete with new logo, fonts, colors, and product mockups. Once accepted, this design system was implemented immediately and new physical products featuring these designs arrived shortly thereafter. Product shots, lifestyle photography, and videography with models soon followed. All of this content was placed in website mockups and, once approved, on their new website.

Glass Ladder & Co. now does over $1M/year in revenue. The owner said at the time that none of the growth would have been possible without the rebranding and re-platforming.

Project goals

  • Refresh the brand aesthetic
  • Create an online environment that would stimulate sales, encourage repeat customers, deepen brand loyalty, extend awareness/reach, cultivate brand trust, and maximize both the number and the quality of opportunities to partner with larger retailers via whom they could distribute their products.

Contribution to project

  • Worked with owners to whiteboard and layout new site
  • Designed UX/CX of initial site build
  • Migrated existing website info to new site
  • Developed site with ecommerce functionality using Shopify as the backend
  • Wishlist, reviews, and loyalty points app integrations
  • “Shop the Instagram” sales channel integration
  • Klaviyo setup and configuration
  • Worked with client for months after to get them up to speed on running their new site and answer any ongoing questions they had

Project results

  • Launched in time for Causebox partnership feature & product drop
  • A consistent 2x increase in traffic compared to previous 6 months
  • 5x increase in monthly revenue
  • With a new, mobile-friendly website, their bounce rate decreased by 27%
  • Increase in future partnership opportunities, including FabFitFun
  • Massive growth
  • A very happy client


Here’s what the owner of Glass Ladder & Co. had to say:

"With the help of 711 we took leaps and bounds forward with our branding. The partnership was extremely successful and we were able to capture 100's of new customers, new wholesale clients, and even interest from big box retailers." – Megan Larsen, Glass Ladder & Co.

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