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Stamina Wellness

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Skills and deliverables

Ecommerce • Product Development • Product Design • Branding • Brand Development • Copywriting • Email Marketing • Klaviyo • Shopify • WordPress • Web Design • Web Development • Digital Strategy • Marketing


Stamina Wellness is a health & wellness company that sells nutritional supplements and imparts practical, everyday wellness advice and strategies. We take a holistic approach to health & wellness and know that supplementing is only one piece of a larger puzzle to optimize performance and tap into unrealized potential.

As a co-founder, I wore a lot of hats creating and building this brand. From branding to product design, copywriting to product photography, web design & development, pitching for funding & partnerships, marketing & promotions, organic & paid social, producing webinars and IG Lives, managing finances, and more.

This was a full-scope, all-in project where myself and my co-founder had full ownership of brand direction and all creative assets. It has been an incredible experience.

We engaged a graphic designer to assist with realizing the vision for our orange logo mark early on, but other than that and a bit of outside video production, all other creative work was completed in-house by myself or one of our team of (at our peak) 12.

I’ve included a selection of emails, ads, site pages, product shots, and other creative assets to show the evolution of the brand from initial product design through to the full ecommerce experience.

We certainly had a steep learning curve, and our growth was not without challenges and a few bumps along the way. Even so, we were able to move 90% of our first product round within the first year and begin to develop a second, complimentary product within six months of the brand’s launch.

I’ve lived and breathed this project for almost three years now and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Project goals

  • Create a brand
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Empower application of health & wellness knowledge in customers’ lives
  • Sell product
  • Grow the brand

Contribution to project

  • Created brand
  • Designed products
  • Pitched for funding and partnerships
  • Designed and developed site, initially in WooCommerce then migrated to Shopify
  • Marketed heavily including emails, ads, social, webinars & IG Lives, and more
  • Copywriting for all placements
  • Product photography

Project results

  • 90% of first product round in under a year
  • Launched second product year two
  • Changed lives
  • A very happy company team


Here’s what the Co-Founder of Stamina Wellness had to say:

“Jake Adriano is a highly skilled DTC brand founder who combines expertise in digital marketing, web design & development, and ecommerce. I have had the pleasure of working with Jake for over three years and can confidently say that he is one of a kind. It’s not often you find someone with aptitude in performance marketing as well as strong creative skills, that is as much at home with the data as he is with storytelling and branding. Jake has proven to be invaluable in every role he has taken on.” – George Pondella, Co-Founder of Stamina Wellness

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