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Skills and deliverables

Ecommerce • Web Design • User Interface (UI) Design • User Experience (UX) Design • Customer Experience (CX) Design • Web Development • WordPress • Form Development • Copywriting • Website Copywriting • Campaign Copywriting • Sales Copy • Ad Copy • Email Marketing • Klaviyo • Digital Strategy • Marketing • Lead Generation


Surface Fitness is a youth fitness center that had a website and steady in-person business. The owner created an online version of their in-person classes and wanted to sell it on the company website. Unfortunately, the site was originally built with an outdated WordPress theme that was no longer being maintained by the theme developer.

Additional challenges arose. COVID-19 forced limits on occupancy inside the gym, so parents coming inside with their children to fill out the paper consent and release waiver forms was no longer an option. A solution was needed.

So, the entire site was rebuilt on a new server with a theme that was guaranteed to have ongoing updates and support (Astra). Ecommerce functionality was added with WooCommerce. Site speed was optimized and, to take it a step further, the server configuration was customized to allow WP Rocket to serve static pages directly without calling WordPress or PHP, adding a noticeable boost in site speed.

Then, a multi-step series of forms was set up that first added new families to the newsletter list and then collected their consent to waivers digitally. This translated to A) less people in the gym, B) less time spent at the beginning of classes filling out paperwork as all waivers are now completed ahead of time, and C) less paper wasted initially as well as less ongoing paper to manage as it’s all digital now.

Lastly, a new digital marketing plan was needed to expand the reach of the in-person classes as well as to introduce and drive traffic to the new online video series. We researched and built an ideal customer buyer persona, built a squeeze page to capture email leads, set up welcome series and post-purchase flows in Klaviyo, and wrote a script for a video sales letter for the online video series landing page.

Project goals

  • Rebuild site to allow for future updates
  • Add ecommerce functionality to the site
  • Optimize site for speed
  • Increase email list size
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Set up a sales funnel to target buyer persona
  • Drive traffic

Contribution to project

  • Set up new hosting server
  • Rebuilt entire site using WordPress with Astra theme
  • Added ecommerce functionality with WooCommerce
  • Uploaded all digital and physical products
  • Designed & developed product pages
  • Updated homepage hero with auto-playing background video for interest, served from a CDN for speed
  • Custom Nginx server configuration to serve static pages
  • Custom multi-form series for email signups and consent waivers
  • Footer CTA safety-net to increase newsletter signups
  • Designed emails sent by site
  • Researched and developed ideal customer buyer persona
  • Squeeze page to build email list
  • Klaviyo Welcome Series and Post-Purchase flows
  • Copywriting for landing pages and video sales letter

Project results

  • Increase in site speed: GTmetrix Grade of A with 100% Performance Score
  • Improved user & customer experience
  • Ability to sell video series online
  • Decrease in headache associated with consent waivers
  • 10.3% increase in email list size
  • Welcome Series flow in Klaviyo has an above 60% Open Rate over the last 12 months
  • A very happy client


Here’s what the owner of Surface Fitness had to say:

“I hired Jake to help with our company’s rebranding effort. He helped build a brand new website for our company along with creating a digital marketing plan for us. He was reliable, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend!” – Shannon Pondella, Owner of Surface Fitness

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